About Us

Welcome to Vela Eurasia

The success of our business lies in the unique combination of engineering, manufacturing and business knowledge and a network of high quality partners that allows us to deliver unprecedented results.

Our geographic spread (Headquarters in Hong Kong and offices in Shanghai and Switzerland) guarantee close proximity to our suppliers and customers.

Vela Eurasia delivers custom manufacturing solutions that involve everything from concept, product engineering, prototyping, certification, manufacturing, logistics and distribution.

We have a team of highly skilled people who not only understand their disciplines but also bridge cultural divides such that projects get delivered smoothly.

We are a Swiss owned & operated company that is guided by simple principles:

  • Swiss attention to detail
  • Swiss precision
  • Swiss reliability

A high degree of trust and uncompromising business ethics underline the way we do business and this edict has been a key ingredient for our success.

Our Testimonials

“I think that you have managed to set a marker and I would like to re-iterate again that you have done an excellent job …”

“From my side, I can only say that you have earned your reputation and that for projects that will be placed in Asia you are the number one …”
“I monitor the progress of the x-project with great interest as the launch of the new product is the key event during the forthcoming yyy-exhibition. Many thanks for the significant effort & realization of a “sporty schedule …”