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Product Development

We create products that show unique character, either in form, function, use of materials or the way they are produced.

a)  Innovation:

  • We partner with international industrial design companies during the early stages of the product development phases
  • Our innovation process does not just focus on nice shapes – it is a structured approach that covers product positioning, product features, target customers/markets, concepts and a design language that is in line with a corporate vision

b)  Design:

  • In product design we address materials, production/assembly processes, product regulatory requirements, product life cycle and cost – we close the gap between ideas and reality
  • We apply our profound manufacturing knowledge (metal, plastics, electronics) at all stages of the mechanical hardware, electronics hardware/firmware development stages – designs that “melt together”

c)  Industrialisation:

  • Our designs and models are scrutinized until we are satisfied that the production methods used result in cost-competitive solutions that are reliable and exhibit a high quality feel
  • Guiding principles are: simple, functional, intelligent

Here is a list of our partners:

Design Tech
Design & Industry
Produkt Design Zürich

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