Our Services - Strategy Implementation and Operational Support

Quality Control:

An essential step in guaranteeing quality of products is inspection. This ensures that parts, sub-assemblies, injection molding tools, finished products meet stipulated customer requirements.

We are using comprehensive inspection plans to check goods. They typically include:

  • Material checks
  • Dimensional checks
  • Visual mechanical checks
  • Functional checks, including critical components, product safety etc.

Our extensive manufacturing knowledge allows us to perform process audits, be it in the production of PCBs or the assembly of a household appliance.

3rd party QC-Services:
We offer 3rd parties an independent and professional inspection service. The work includes the following:
  a)  Generation of inspection plans
  b)  Verification of product process steps and factory QC-procedures
  c)  Final product inspections (as per AQL) covering different aspects
  d)  Analysis of results and submission of inspection reports
  e)  Product/process improvement recommendations

Our QC resources are administered via the Hong Kong office and we carry out inspections in Southern China, Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces

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